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Journals with Review in Their Title,
Who Accept Poetry, and Who Have a Website

(344 print and online journals around the world but mainly America as of 2-29-12. (There are more that still need to be added.))


13th Warrior Review, The
4AM Poetry Review
Absinthe Literary Review
Adirondack Review, The
African American Review
Alaska Quarterly Review
American Drivel Review, The
American Literary Review
American Poetry Review, The
Antietam Review
Antigonish Review, The
Antioch Review
Apalachee Review
Apple Valley Review, The
Arabesques Review, The
Arava Review, The
Arkansas Review
Aroostook Review, The
Asheville Poetry Review
Atlanta Review
Avatar Review
Awakenings Review, The


Backwards City Review
Baker's Dozen Review
Baltimore Review, The
Bare Root Review
Barn Owl Review
Bat City Review
Bellevue Literary Review
Bellingham Review
Berkeley Poetry Review, The
Bicycle Review, The
Big Toe Review, The (Prose poems)
Big Ugly Review, The
Bilingual Review
Birmingham Poetry Review
Black Market Review
Black Warrior Review
Blood Orange Review
Blue Collar Review
Blue Earth Review
Blue Mesa Review
Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review
Boston Review
BOXCAR Poetry Review
Briar Cliff Review, The
Broken Bridge Review
Brooklyn Review
Broome Review, The
Bruiser Review
Bryant Literary Review
Burnside Review


Café Review, The
Camroc Press Review
Capilano Review, The
Cartier Street Review, The
Catalonian Review, The
Chattahoochee Review
Cherry Blossom Review, The
Chicago Review
Chiron Review
Cider Press Review
Cimarron Review
Cincinnati Review, The
Clackamas Literary Review
Coachella Review, The
Coal Hill Review
Coe Review
Cold Mountain Review
Colorado Review
Columbia Poetry Review
Columbia Review, The
Comstock Review, The
Concho River Review
Connecticut Review
Copperfield Review, The
Cordite Poetry Review
Cortland Review, The
Country Dog Review, The
Crab Creek Review
Crab Orchard Review
Cream City Review
Cricket Online City Review


Daedalus Review, The
Dalhousie Review, The
Del Sol Review
Delmarva Review, The
DMQ Review
Dos Passos Review, The
Driftwood Review, The
Dublin Poetry Review, The


Edinburgh Review
Edison Literary Review
emerson review, the
Evansville Review, The
Evergreen Review


Fairfield Review, The
Fairy Tale Review
Fib Review, The
Fieldstone Review, The
First City Review
Five Fingers Review
Flint Hills Review
Florida Review, The
Foundling Review, The
Furnace Review, The


Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, The
Georgetown Review
Georgia Review
Gettysburg Review
Gihon River Review, The
Global City Review
Green Mountains Review
Greensboro Review, The
Grove Review, The


Hamilton Stone Review, The
Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review
Harvard Review
Hawai'i Pacific Review
Hawai'i Review
Hayden’s Ferry Review
HazMat Literary Review
Heartland Review, The
Heat City Review
Hiram Poetry Review
Hobble Creek Review
Holly Rose Review
Homestead Review
Honey Land Review, The
Hopkins Review, The
horse less review
Houston Literary Review, The
Hudson Review, The


Idaho Review, The
Iguana Review, The
In Posse Review
Indiana Review
International Poetry Review
Iowa Review
Iron Horse Literary Review
Istanbul Literature Review


Jabberwock Review


Kartika Review
Kennesaw Review
Kenyon Review
Konundrum Engine Literary Review


Lamplighter Review
Land-Grant College Review
The Lascaux Review
Laurel Review, The
Lilies and Cannonballs Review
Lilliput Review
Litchfield Literary Review, The
Literary House Review
Literary Review, The
Live Oak Review
Loch Raven Review
Los Angeles Review, The (Then click the link under “About Us”)
Louisiana Review, The
Louisville Review, The


M Review
Mad Hatters' Review
Mad Poets Review
Madison Review, The
Malahat Review
Manhattan Review, The
Maple/Ash Literary Review
Marlboro Review, The
Mayo Review, The
Medulla Review, The
Measure: An Annual Review of Formal Poetry
Melic Review, The
Michigan Avenue Review
Michigan Quarterly Review
Mickle Street Review
Mid-American Poetry Review, The
Mid-American Review
Minnesota Review, The
Minnetonka Review
Mississippi Review, The
Missouri Review
Mochila Review, The
Monongahela Review, The
moonShine review
Morpo Review
Moulin Review
Muddy River Poetry Review


National Poetry Review, The
Naugatuck River Review
New Delta Review
New England Review
New Mexico Poetry Review
New Ohio Review (/nor)
New Orleans Review
New Plains Review
New Vilna Review
New Welsh Review
Newport Review
North American Review
North Atlantic Review
North Carolina Literary Review
North Central Review, The
Northville Review, The
Northwest Review
Notre Dame Review


Oak Bend Review
Oklahoma Review, The
Ontario Review
Orange Coast Review
Orange Room Review, The
Ouroboros Review
Owen Wister Review
Oyez Review


pacific REVIEW
Packingtown Review
Paris Review
Parnassus: Poetry in Review
Parthenon West Review
Paterson Literary Review, The
Paumanok Review, The
Pebble Lake Review
Penguin Review
Penwood Review, The
Perihelion Review, The
Pisgah Review
Plains Song Review
PN Review. (Poetry Nation Review).
Pocono Armchair Review
Pocket Review, The
Poetry Ireland Review
Poetry Review
Poet's Ink Review
Portland Review, The
Potomac Review
Powhatan Review, The
Prism Review


Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
Queen City Review, The
Quercus Review


Raintown Review, The
Ranfurly Review, The
Raritan: A Quarterly Review
Rat's Ass Review
Red Cedar Review
Red Clay Review
Red Mountain Review
Red River Review
Red Rock Review
Redwood Coast Review, The
Review Americana: A Literary Journal
Review Revue (This is not a poetry journal, but it is a journal that reviews contemporary American poetry.)
Rio Grande Review
River & Sound Review
River Oak Review
Roanoke Review, The
Rock Salt Plum Review
Rogue Poetry Review
Rome Review, The
Rome Review, The


Saint Ann's Review
Sakura Review
Salt River Review, The
San Pedro River Review, The
Santa Clara Review, The
Santa Fe Literary Review
Saranac Review
Scrivener Creative Review
Scruffy Dog Review, The
Seattle Review
Seneca Review
Shady Side Review, The
Sewanee Review, The
ShatterColors Literary Review
Shit Creek Review, The
Sierra Nevada College Review, The
Sixers Review
Skyline Review
Snake Nation Review
SoMa Literary Review
Sonora Review
Soundings Review
South Carolina Review
South Dakota Review
Southampton Review, The
Southeast Review, The
Southern California Review
Southern Humanities Review
Southern Indiana Review
Southern Poetry Review
Southern Review, The
Southern Women’s Review
Southwest Review
Sow's Ear Poetry Review, The
Spoon River Poetry Review, The
St. Petersburg Review
Stickman Review
Stolen Island Review
Sugar House Review
Suisun Valley Review
Summerset Review, The
Superstition Review
Survivor's Review
Susquehanna Review, The
Swarthmore Literary Review, The
Sword Review, The
Sycamore Review


Taj Mahal Review
Tampa Review
Tar Wolf Review
Texas Review, The
Thirsty First Bird Review, The
Threepenny Review
Tonopah Review, The
Triggerfish Critical Review, The
Tusculum Review, The
Two Review



Valparaiso Poetry Review
Vermont Literary Review
Virginia Quarterly Review, The
Vocabula Review, The


Wag's Revue
Warwick Review, The
Washington Square Review
Water~Stone Review
West Marin Review
Westchester Review, The
Western Humanities Review
White Whale Review
Whitefish Review
Wild River Review
Wilderness House Literary Review
William and Mary Review, The
Willow Review
Willows Wept Review
Wisconsin Review
Worcester Review, The
World Haiku Review


Xavier Review


Yale Review, The
Yellow Medicine Review


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