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(ri dak’ shunz) n. 1. The acts or processes of editing or revising writings; preparations for publication. 2. Edited works; new editions or revisions. 3. A journal of poetry and poetics that is published every nine months and that welcomes: poems; poetry book reviews; translations; manifestos; essays concerning poetry, poetics, poetry movements, or a specific poet or a group of poets; and anything dealing with poetry.

Redactions: Poetry & Poetics issue 24 will be mailed to subcribers, contributors, and publishers on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

It will soon be available on Redactions on ETSY.

The issue will is fat and phat.

Contributors include Michael Waters, Antonio Vallone, Bill Tremblay, John Roche, Jon Riccio, Colleen Powderly, Alex Andy Phuong, Joyce Carol Oates, Karla Linn Merrifield, George Looney, Norbet Krapf, Andrew Kozma, Kitty Jospé, Jen Huang, John Hoppenthaler, Grant Holcomb, James Gurley, Peter Grandbois, E. Laura Golberg, Robert René Galván, Michelle Bonczek Evory, Mike Dockins, Richard Deming, Craig Cotter, Rob Cook, Rob Carney, Christopher Buckley, Philip Brady, Ralph Black, Patrick Bizzaro, and Robyn Art.

We are reading for issue 25.

Issue 24 Cover

Redactions Issue Twenty-Three

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