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Small, Independent, and University Press
Poetry Book Publishers

(That have websites, print books (not e-books), and aren't vanity presses.)
(During the week of March 1 throgh March 6, 2010, 236 more presses were added for a total of 687 presses.)


Abbey Press (Ireland)
Above/Ground Press (Canada)
Abraxas Press
Absey & Co.
Academy Chicago Publishers
Achilles Chapbook Series (Chapbooks)
Achiote Press
Adventures in Poetry
Aeolus House (Canada )
African Books Collective (England)
Ahadada Books
Ahsahta Press
AK Press
Alehouse Press
Alice James Books
Alternate Press Books
Amherst Writers & Artists Press
Amsterdam Press (Chapbooks)
Anansi (Canada)
Anchiote Press
Anchorite Press
Anhinga Press
Answer Tag Home Press (Midwest)
Antrim House
Anvil Press
Apogee Press
Apostrophe Books
Aralia Press
Arc Publications (England)
Arehouse Press (England)
Archipelago Books (Translations)
Arctos Press (Translations)
Argonne House Press (Translations)
Arsenal Pulp Press (Canada)
Arte Publico Press (U.S. Hispanic, Cuban American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican)
The Arthur Shilling Press (Chapbooks) (England)
Artifact Press
Ashland Poetry Press
The Asian American Writers' Workshop (Americans of Asian descent)
A Small Garlic Press
Atelos Publications
Atlas Press (England)
Atticus/Finch Chapooks
Auckland University Press (New Zealand)
Aunt Lute Books (Multicultural Women's Press)
Ausable Press
Autumn House Press
Avec Books
Avenue B
Azul Editions


Back Square Editions
The Backwaters Press
Bad Press (England)
Barbarian Press (England)
Barque Press
Barrow Street Press
Bayeux Arts (Canada)
Beacon Press
Bear Star Press (Mountain and Pacific time zones, as well as Alaska and Hawaii)
Beard of Bees
Beatitude Press
Bedbug Press
Belladonna Books
Bellday Books
BeWrite Books (England)
Beyond Baroque Books
Biblioasis (Canada)
Big Game Books
Birch Book Press
The Bitter Oleander Press
BkMk Press
Blackheath Books (England)
Black Inc. Publishing (Australia)
Black Lawrence Press
Black Moss Press (Canada)
Black Pepper Press (Australia)
Black Rock Press (Regional — Reno, NV)
Black Sparrow Press
Black Widow Press
Blast Press
BlazeVox Books (Ezra Pound is editor-in-chief)
Bloodaxe Books (England)
Blood Pudding Press
Bloof Books
Blue Hour Press
Blue Lion Books
Blue Press Books
Bluestem Press
BOA Editions
Bombshelter Press
Boneworld Publishing
Book Thug
Bootstr@p Productions
Botsotso (South Africa)
Bottle of Smoke Press
Bottom DogPress (Midwest)
Boxwood Editions
Braincase Press
Brandl & Schlesinger (Australia )
Breakaway Books (Sports)
Brick Books (Canada)
BrickHouse Books
Briery Creek Press
Bright Hill Press
Broken Jaw Press (Canada)
Booklyn Artists Alliance
Bucknell University Press
Burning Deck
Burn Denver Down Press
Burning Bush Publications
Burning Deck
Burning Effigy Press
Buschek Books
Buttonwood Press


C&R Press
Cadmus Editions
Calyx Books (Women)
Camber Press
Cannibal Books
Carcanet (England)
Carnegie Mellon University Press
Carolina Wren Press
Carve Editions
Catenary Press
CavanKerry Press
Cave Canem (African American)
Cedar Hill Books
Center for Book Arts
Cerulean Rain Press
Cervena Barva Press
Chax Press
Chicory Blue Press (Women over Sixty)
Chili Verde Press
Chronicle Books
Cinco Puntos Press (U.S./Mexico border, Mexico and the American Southwest)
Cinematheque Press
Cinnamon Press (England)
City Lights Publishers
Cleveland State University Poetry Center
Coach House Books (Canada)
Cockcrow Press
Coconut Books
Codhill Press
Coffee House Press
Columbia University Press
Concrete Wolf Publications
Confluence Press
Copper Beech Press
Copper Canyon Press
Copper Dillon
Cornell University Press
Corvid Press
Cosa Nostra Editions
Cosmopsis Books
Coteau Books (Canada)
Counterpath Press
Counterpoint Press
Covert Press
Cracked Slab Books
Creative Book Publishing (Killick Press) (Canada)
Creekstone Press (Canada)
Cultural Society
Curbstone Press
Cune Press (Middle East and Other Topics of Public Importance)
Cuneiform Press
Cuz Editions
Cy Gist Press
Cy Press
Cypher Books


Dalkey Archive Press
Daniel &amdp; Daniel Publishers (Includes these imprints: John Daniel & Company and Fithian Press)
Dancing Girl Press
Dark Age Press (England)
David R. Godine
d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press - Books
Dedalus (Ireland)
Deep South Publishing (South Africa)
Del Sol Press
Destructible Heart Press
Displaced Press
Dissident Editions (England)
Donut Press (England)
DoorJamb Press
Dos Madres Press
Dos Press
DoubleCrossed Press
Dream HorsePress
Dufour Editions
Duration Press (Translation)


Eastern Washington University Press (This is defunct, but remains on the list for sentimentality, and because the university made a horrible decision in killing this press. Dumb, boring, unimaginative, uninsightful business people shouldn't be running schools.)
Echoing Green Press (South Africa)
ECW Press
Edge Books (Ariel Magazine)
Ediciones del Norte  (Latin American Literature in the United States)
Effing Press
Ekstasis Editions  (Canada)
Elixir Press
El Pobre Mouse
EM Press
The Emrys Press
Enitharmon (England)
Equiupage (England)
Etherdome Press
Etruscan Press
Evil Twin Publications
Exact Change
Exile Editions (Canada)
Eye for an Iris Press


Faber & Faber (England)
Factorial Press(Japanese)
FAL Publications (English)
The Feminist Press
Fence Books
Fewer & Further Press
The Figures
Finishing Line Press
Firewheel Editions (Prose Poetry)
First Integrity
Five Seasons Press (England)
Flambard Press (England)
Flarestack (England)
Fleur-de-Lis Press
Flipped Eye Publishing (England)
Floating Bridge Press
Flood Editions
Flume Press
Flutter Press
FootHills Publishing
Fordham University Press
Four Way Books
Fractal Edge Press
Freedom Voices
Fremantle Press (Australia)
Frog Hollow Press (Canada)
Frogmore Press (England)
Furniture Press
Futurepoem Books
Future Tense Publishing


The Gallery Press (Ireland)
George Braziller, Inc.
Generator Press
Ghost Road Press
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
The Gig / Poetry (Canada)
Ginninderra Press (Australia)
Gival Press
David R. Godine (Includes Black Sparrow Press)
Gold Wake Press (Print publication begins 4-1-10)
Gong Press
Gooselane Editions (Canada)
Gorsky Press
Granary Books
Grasp Press (England)
Grayson Books
Graywolf Press
The Greying Ghost Press
Greenboathouse Press (Canada)
Greencup Books
Green Integer Books
Grey Hen Press (“Older Women”) (England)
Groundwater Press
Guernica Editions (Canada)


Hamilton Stone Editions
Hand Held Editions
Handwritten Press
Hanging Loose Press
Hanging Moss Journal
H_NGM_N Books
Happenstance (Scotland)
Harbor Mountain Press
Hard Press
Hard Press Editions
HeadworX (New Zealand)
Hearing Eye (England)
Helicon Nine
Hex Presse
The Heyeck Press
Heyday Books
Hidden Book Press (Canada)
Highlights Communications Books
High Plains Press (Poetry of the American West)
Hip-Hop Book Club
Hollyridge Press
Hooke Press
Holy Cow! Press
Horse & Buggy Press
Horseless Press
Host Publications
Hot Whiskey Press
House of Anansi Press (Canada)
House Press


Ibbetson Street Press
if p then q (England)
Inpress Books (England)
Insert Press
Insomniac Press
Interbirth Books
Intuit House (Margie)
Ixnay Press


Jacaranda Press
Jargon Society
John Daniel & Company
John Leonard Press (Australia)
Johns Hopkins University Press


Kamini Press (Sweden)
Katalanche Press
Kaya Press (Asian, Pacific Islander, and API Diasporic)
Kegedonce Press (Canada)
Kearny Street Workshop(Asian Pacific American)
Kelsey Street Press
Kendra Steiner Editions
The Kent State University Press
Kettillonia (Scotland)
Kitchen Press
Kore Press (Women)
Kulupi Press


La Alameda Press
Lamehouse Press
Landfill (England)
Laurel Reed Books (Canada)
Lavender Ink
LBF Books
Leapfrog Press
Leaping Dog Press
Les Figues Press
Letter Machine Editions
Lilliput Review
Litmus Press
Little Pear Press
Little Poem Press
Liqiud Paper Press (A Division of Logan House Press
Lost Horse Press
Lost Roads Press
Low Fidelity Press
Louisiana State University Press
Lumen Books
Lummox Press
Lyrical Myrical Press (Canada)


Main Street Rag Books
Manic D Press
Mansfield Press (Canada)
Many Mountains Moving Press
Marick Press
March Street Press
Marsh Hawk Press
Maverick Duck Press
Mayapple Press
McGill-Queens University Press (Canada)
McClelland & Stewart (Canada )
McSweeney’s Books (Possibly defunct)
Melville House Publishing
The Mercury Press (Canada)
Meritage Press
Merrmaid Tenement Press
MetroMania Press
Michigan State University Press
Mid-List Press
Milkweed Editions
ML Press
Monkey Puzzle Press
Mooncalf Press
Moon Pie Press
Moon Tide Press (“Showing casing the finest poets in Southern California”)
Mother Tongue Publishing (Canada)
Mountains & Rivers Press
Moving Parts Press
MuscleHead Press


New Directions Publishing
NeWest Press (Canada)
New Island (Ireland)
New Issues Poetry & Prose
New Rivers Press
New Sins Press
New South Books (Regional History, Biography, Autobiography, Non-fiction, Folklore, African American, Native American, and Civil Rights Subjects)
NeoPepper Press
New Michigan Press
New Star Books
Nightboat Books
Nightwood Editions (Canada)
Nine Arches Press (England)
Noemi Press
Nomados Literary Publisher (Canada)
No Tell Books
North Atlantic Books
Northeastern University Press
Northwestern University Press


O Books
Oberlin College Press
Oberon Press (Canada)
Observable Press
Octobus Books
Oel Press (Canada)
The Ohio State University Press
Ontario Review Books
Oolichan Books (Canada)
Open City Books
Orchises Press
Oregon State University Press (Literature of the Northwest)
Other Painters Press
Other Press
Outside Voices
The Owl Press
Oystercatcher Press (England)


Palimpsest Press
Palm Press
Paper Bark Press (Australia)
Paper Kite Press
Parallax Press (Buddhism)
Parallel Press
Paris Press (Women)
Parlor Press (Free Verse Editions)
Parsifal Editions (Canada)
Passager Books
Pathwise Press
Paul Dry Books
Pavement Saw Press
Paycock Press
Peacn Grove Press
Pearl Editions
Peepal Tree Press (Caribbean and Black British)
The Penmaen Press
Penned in the Margins (England)
Penumbra Press (Canada)
Perceval Press
Persea Books
Persistencia Press
Perugia Press (Women)
Phoenicia Press
Phylum Press
Picaro Press (Australia)
Pighog Press (England)
Pinch Pinch Press
Pilot Books
Pistol Press (Canada)
Plain View Press
Plan B Press
Platonic 3 Way Press
Pleasure Boat Studio
Poems for All
Poetic Matrix Press
Poetry Monthly Press (England)
Poets Corner Press
Poets Wear Prada
Poltroon Press
Pond Road Press
Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
Portals Press
The Post Apollo Press
Presa :S: Press
Press 53
Pressed Wafer
The Press Gang
Press Press Press
Primary Point Press (Zen)
Princeton University Press
Private Press (England)
Projective Industries
Publishing Genius Press
Pudding House Publications
Puncher & Wattmann (Australia)


Quale Press
Quercus Review Press


Ragged Sky Press
Rain Mountain Press
Rattlesnake Press (Chapbooks)
Ravenna Press Books
Reality Street Editions
Recliner Books (Canada)
Reconstruction Books Publishing (African Descent)
Red Crane Books
Red Dragonfly Press
Red Hen Press
Red Letter Press (Radical and Feminist)
Red Moon Press ("English-language haiku from around the world")
Red Morning Press
Redbone Press (Black Lesbians and Gay Men)
Regent Press
Revival Press (Ireland)
The Rialto (England)
River City Publishing
Rockingham Press (England)
Rolling Stock Press (England)
Roof Books
Rope-a-Dope Press
Rose Metal Press
Rubicon Press (Canada)


Sage Hill Press
Salmon Poetry (Ireland)
Salt Publishing (England)
San Diego State University Press
Sarabande Books
Saturnalia Books
Scantily Clad Press
Scarlet Tanager Books
Scintillating Publications
Scottish Pamphlet Poetry (Scotland)
Seal Press (Women)
Selkirk Lapwing Press
Seraphim Editions (Canada)
Seren (Wales)
Serious Ink Press
Seven Stories Press
Shadowbox Press
Shambhala Press (Buddhism, Christianity, Feng-Shui, Yoga, Pema Chödrön, and Chögyam Trungpa)
Shanty Bay Press (Canada)
Shearsman Books (England)
Sherman Asher Publishing
Shoemaker & Hoard
Signature Editions (Canada)
Silenced Press
Silverfish Review Press
Singing Horse Press
Six Gallery Press
Sixteen Rivers Press
Skanky Possum
Skysill Press
Slapering Hol Press
Slash Pine Press
Slope Editions
Small Anchor Press
Small Beer Press
Small Desk Press
Small Fires Press
Smith/Doorstop Press (England)
Smokestack Books (England)
Snapshot Press (Haiku, Tanka, & Other Short Poetry) (England)
Snare (Quebec)
Snake Nation Press
Soft Skull Press
Sona Books
Southern Hum Press
Spire Press
Spineless Books
Spire Press
Spork Press
Spring Harbor Press
Spout Press
Spuyten Duyvil Press
S.S.O. Press
Star Cloud Press
Station Hill Press
Steel Toe Books
Steerforth Press
Straw Gate Books (Works by women and non-polemical writing with an underlying social content )
Stray Dog Press
Subday Press
Subito Press
Subpress Collective
Sunline Press (Australia)
Surrealist Editions & Black Swan Press
Swan Isle Press
Swan Scythe Press
Switchback Books
Syracuse University Press


Talon Books
the tall-lighthouse (England)
Tameme (English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English literary translation)
Tarpaulin Sky Press
Taxt (Chapbooks)
Tebot Bach
Templar Poetry (England)
Temporary Vandalism
Ten Penny Players
Texas A&M University Press Consortium
The Texas Review Press
Texas Tech University Press
Thistle Down Press (Canada)
Three Candles Press
Thunder's Mouth Press
Tiger Bark Press
Tightrope Books (Canada)
Tilt Press (Chapbooks. Open Readings.)
Timberline Press
Time Being Books
Tin Fish Press
Titus Books (New Zealnad)
Toadlily Press
Tougher Disguises
Trainwreck Press (Canada)
Transmission Press
Truman State University Press
TSAR Publications (Multicultural, particularly Asia and Africa.)
Tupelo Press
Turnstone Press (Canada)
Turtle Point Press
Tuumba Press (Chapbooks)


/ubu Editions
Uccelli Press
Ugly Duckling Presse
Underwhich Editions (Canada)
The University of Akron Press
The University of Alberta Press (Canada)
University of California Press
The University of Chicago Press
The University of Georgia Press
University of Illinois Press
University of Iowa Press
University of Massaschusetts Press
University of Nebraska Press
University of Nevada Press
University of New Mexico Press
University of North Texas Press
The University of Notre Dame Press
University of Pittsburgh Press
University of Queensland Press (Australia)
The University of South Carolina Press
The University of Tampa Press
The University of Utah Press
University of Washington Press (Pacific Northwest)
The University of West Alabama’s Livingston Press
The University of Wisconsin Press
University Press of Colorado
The University Press of Kentucky
University Press of New England
Upset Press


Veer Books (England)
Verdant Press
Vintage Poison Press (England)
Virago Press (Women) (England)
Virgogray Press (Chapbooks)
Virtual Artists Collective
Vrzhu Press


Wake Forest University Press (Dedicated to Irish Poetry)
Washington Writers Publishing House
Wave Books
Waywiser Press (England and America)
Wesleyan University Press
West End Press (Concentration on women and multicultural writers.)
West House Books (England)
Wheelhouse Magazine Chapbook Series & Press (Chapbooks)
White Eagle Coffee Store Press (Chapbooks)
White Pine Press
White Hall Press
White Mountain Publications (Canada)
Wild Honey Press (Ireland)
Wild Women Press (England?)
Wilfrid Laurier University Press (Canada)
Wind Publications
Wings Press
Wintered Press
Wolsak & Wynn (Canada)
Women's Press (Canada) (Women's Press for Women) (Kellom Press for Men)
Word Riot Press
The Word Works
Wordcraft of Oregon
WordTech Communications (Includes these imprints: Cherry Grove Collections (Lyric), Custom Words (General), David Roberts Books (Formal and Musically-Crafted Free Verse), Turning Point (Narrative), Turning Point (Narrative), Word Press (General), and Word Tech Editions (Explores Human Experience in Light of Social, Political, Historical, or Natural contexts)
Wrecking Ball Press (England)
Writebloody Publishing


X-Ray Book & Novelty Company


Yale University Press
Yellow Moon Press


Zeitgeist Press
Zephyr Press
Zero Press (England)
Zerx Records & Press (Chapbooks)
Zócalo Press
Zoland Books
Zone 3 Press

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